Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year.

tomorrow we are having our chinese new year party. this is for graycen. she has a sweet love for china. she has a real heart for the people and culture. when i was diagnosed with cancer i promised her that if she still felt that way when she was seven years old that i would take her to china, to The Great Wall, to eat chinese food, to learn the language. i intend to make good on that promise. 


does anyone remember these pictures from last year? graycen was about to turn four and i asked her where she would like to eat for her birthday. she said she wanted dumplings. i still don't know why and where and how she heard about dumplings, but i found the best chinese restaurant in manhattan and that's just what we did. we ate dumplings. i remember watching her eat her dumplings in such seriousness. we learned that day that eating really good dumplings should be taken seriously, and should be perfected like an art form. 

tomorrow is for you gray! i hope you have fun. i hope momma can make you some darn good home made chinese food. and i can't wait for the day we start planning our trip:)
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