Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Dress.

this time of year is when i feel most like myself. something about the warm days and cool nights makes me all sorts of happy. i feel inspired and driven. yesterday i took the kids to goodwill to look for some old granny fabrics. i found a couple of great things, this dress too. i love when i feel like i am channeling a 1950's housewife, and wonder if that's the last time something like this has been worn. ;) that makes me smile just thinking about it. and an extra bonus was that this dress cost me $1.50. i picked up a coffee wearing this dress today that cost me more than the dress itself!

i didn't have a warm meal for my husband when he walked through the door like a proper '50's woman, because he is in new york... but i miss him so and i can't wait to see him next. remember me mentioning my little obsession with tiny houses? well, good things are happening concerning one. i won't speak too soon, but i am quite pleased. 

hope you all have a fabulous nostalgic weekend and i encourage you to place a bit more emphasis on the legacy you are leaving behind. 
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