Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's Making Me Happy.

- my moms sewing machine
-chubby hands holding on to one another during our walk.
-weather that's making me crave swinging on a hammock. 
-looking up tiny homes on the internet and dreaming of living in one.
-surprises that keep popping up on my doorstep via ups from my husband. (miss and love him.)
- homemade pomegranate spritzers.
-the awesome poster i just bought for dune and lars bedroom.
-modern wallpaper.
-graycen's pink cheeks.
- vintage everything.
-new dessert plates from anthro with cockroaches on them. (may be too weird for some, but to me they are beauty.)
- johnny cash
-the giant felt leprechaun for my front door
-my beautiful friend about to get married in niagra falls. (i won't be there, but i am looking to send her the perfect sentiment.) and her baby on the way.
- God reminding me that He is in charge and that the results are always so much sweeter when i trust Him.

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