Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blast Off.

these pictures were taken at the launch of the space shuttle last week.

i am feeling overwhelmingly creative lately. my head is going a millions miles a minute and i'm okay with that. i  hardly know what to do with myself because of it, and i'm sort of okay with that too. i would say my mind feels like scenes from the movie Big Fish. have you seen that movie? it's suiting my mood quite nice. it's appropriate. i'm reading the book "Water For Elephants" and it seems i can't get enough of the vintage circus these days. i am planning a trip to The Ringling Art Museum and the Circus Museum and also while i am there i can't wait to tour the grounds of the Ca' d'Zan Mansion. They filmed a bit of Great Expectations there, so to get myself even more revved up, i've added that to my netfix to arrive this week.

this is all a nice distraction for me. i don't know if i will ever fully come to terms with the fact that i am in a fight against cancer. this morning i had some more tests done to see if the cancer has returned. i am thankful that God has gifted me with the art of imagination. it allows me to wander far from the dreary world of hospitals, chemo, radiation, testing, statistics and so forth. i am thankful for the fast pace of my mind and that i have learned to not set limitations on myself. i am glad that i know enough now that if i am feeling led, that i will follow. God is opening doors that i am finally feeling well enough to go through. i will not be discouraged. i will not listen to my fear. i will keep moving forward.
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