Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Saturday Morning Tale of Two Brothers.

it happened one saturday morning. dune came crawling into mommas bed, snack in hand. enjoying the bed to himself and his snack, he thought, "this is the life."

"some things really do taste better when they don't have to be shared", he thought to himself as he reclined back onto the pillow.

mom had always said, "no snacks in bed!" but dune was sneaky and knew she would never find out.

then all of a sudden brother lars came and ruined his perfect little plan. "no snacks to myself, and now ma will find out!" 

lars said, "hey, i'm just here for some fun, now give me some snacks and then i will run!"

as lars cuddled up to get a share of the goods, 

dune began to cry and wine, as he wanted it all to himself!

not taking it very well, dune began to pout. and pout, and pout and pout!

until he gave up the bed. and lars took his spot .

dune needed a moment,

and then went storming out.

meanwhile, back in mommas bed, lars was enjoying the victory of the bed to himself!

he was enjoying alright. 

things were looking pretty good up on the bed all alone.

when suddenly dune came back in the room. this time with a drink in his hand!

the brothers decided they were just thirsty and hungry that's all.

and it is better to love than have nothing at all.
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