Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Food Heals.

i love a meal that heals. food that works towards your body and not against you. my body has been through an ordeal this past year. every bit helps. 

avocado smoothie- 1 avocado 1 cup of ice 1 cup of vanilla soy milk, blend

antioxidant stir fry- saute in garlic powder and sea salt, string carrots till soft. add spinach and cook down, add mushrooms and pomegranate craisins, and saute for a few minutes more

sprouted sandwich- genesis 1:29 bread toasted with hummus, live sprouts, sliced vine tomato

and yes, my kids eat this for lunch and meals like this all the time. yes it means strict choices, cooking most of our meals at home, and passing on most processed foods. (i say most because hey, we're human!) yes, it's important that my children understand where their food comes from and why we eat the way we do. yes, not everyone understands it. it works for us, and taste delicious to us. i also believe that when you think your child or any child would not eat this way that that is wrong. i believe that it takes introducing a child more than 10 times to a certain food before they decide they do not like it. children's and toddler's taste buds are much different than ours. they are new, and foods taste stronger, and sweeter, and saltier. i think that's important to remember when we season our children's food. less is more. and remember, organic matters.
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