Monday, April 18, 2011

Fresh Herbs.

this weekend was a toughie for me. i gave up coffee/ caffeine (don't feel bad for me, this is something i've really been wanting to do post cancer diagnosis, and i am finally in a place to get rid of the stuff) but boy- oh - boy did i suffer headaches like none other. as bad as it is going in is as bad as it felt coming out. ouch. but i am so excited to say that my body is now over the hump of the addiction and this morning i woke up... without a headache! 

during one of the ongoing pounding headaches this weekend, i took the kids to the local nursery to pick up some fresh herbs. i miss having a big garden, to get my fingers all earthy, and then eat what we've so lovingly looked after. but the few herbs will do for now. the little ones loved getting the dirt under their nails and making a big mess. they also loved pulling the peppermint off the plant and eating it before i could even stop them. :) that makes me happy.

something we've recently become pretty obsessed with around here and i want to share with you is banana ice cream. take about 3 organic bananas, this made enough for each of us, and freeze them. take the frozen bananas and put them in the food processor and blend until creamy. it's so unbelievably delicious, completely dairy free, and all of the satisfaction. plus, if you are feeling adventurous like i do, you can throw in some cashews and pulse those in. i'm all about the crunch. and if you wanna take it over the top, add a sprinkle of cacao (no caffeine!!! ) but equally delicious as chocolate. let me know how you like that, or if you come up with something yummy to add to your home made, dairy free ice cream, make sure to tell me! enjoy~

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