Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If You Were A Kiss, I'd Be A Hug

i took my little birds to the zoo today. we had ridiculous amounts of fun. i loved every minute of it. walking back to the car i asked them if they had a good time, and they both cheered, "Yea!" i looked at their little blond heads bobbing back and forth from excitement and i was saying to myself, "don't ever forget this, don't ever forget this."


meanwhile, i finished Rob Bell's book, 'Love Wins' last night. i conclude that i feel the same way about this book as i do his other books, and his pod casts. i would recommend it in the same way i do Velvet Elvis. the significance that Velvet Elvis played and plays into my re commitment to Christ after years of saying one thing and doing another is immeasurable. to be reminded that God loves me and desires me, loves me for where i've come from and where i am going. His books allow a place for me to lay down my cynicism that i can get easily caught up in and a place for me to be overwhelmingly aware that i serve a God that wants all of me.
so would i tell you to read the book? i would tell you to buy the book, read the book, keep the book, read it again, pray about it, and then let someone borrow it and tell them that Jesus loves them for just who they are. because we are all, in fact, made in the image of God. and that my friends, is a very good thing.  
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