Thursday, April 14, 2011


yesterday i took the kids to get graycen her very first library card! she's going to be five ya know, and that's like TOTALLY old enough to get your first library card!!! 

she was so happy. actually, i was sort of surprised how happy this made her. but she's just like her momma. all of them are. we love books. and we get all sorts of excited when we have access to lots of them! 

after picking out her book and a movie we grabbed a bite to eat, talked all about books, and came home and ate green apple jelly belly's and watched Peter Cottontail. Dune went bananas over that movie by the way. 

it was such a nice moment for me to revel in my daughter's happiness knowing that i am passing on my love for reading to her. and i can tell, the boys are not far behind;)
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