Tuesday, April 12, 2011


   somebody has been sneaking in his sister's room to play while she's away at school.

                                   and that somebody is Dune!

i love to watch my little ones grow together. i love that graycen can't remember a time without her little brothers. i love that lars panics when he can't find dune, and i love that dune calls lars "brothaaa". i love that hugs are given out freely and unsolicited. i love that the love in this family flows out from everyone and is received just as willingly. i realize this love that i display for my children is an investment in their present and futures. i'm glad that the origin of this passionate love comes from a God so loving that there is no limit, no box that that love can be limited to. that it breaks barriers. i love my kids without barriers. and i hope they grow to love like that too. 
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