Friday, May 27, 2011

Chalkboard Table.


this is the story of our little table that i love. little table has been with us for some time now. found at target and we took little table home and made a place for it. little table is the perfect size and has been used from everything to a coffee table, to a stool, to a fort, to an art table. recently it's looked quite messy, and i had a moment and i thought about getting rid of little table. but i had to think and think i did. we turned little table from white to black and it solved everything. 


and after.

i have to say. i rather enjoy little table being black. black is the new black. it's a keeper:)


meanwhile, we are going into week tres where one of the little birds is sick. dune was just coming around the corner and BAM! lars woke up sick. these are some loooong days where everywhere i turn someone needs me. like really needs me. i have two arms, three kids, and babies that need undivided attention and a five year old that needs to know she still matters. oh, and somewhere in there i need to eat. and sleep. sleep, not so much. but eat, i gotta have it.

i slept two hours last night. right now i feel like poop. this is actually how i feel.

rather, this is much more how i feel. i'm- over. it.

 everyone have a great three day weekend. live it up, healthy style!!! skip the booze and head to the juice bar!!!! your body will want to make out with you. ;) 
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