Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happily Raising VegHeads.

We did it! we have gone a whole three weeks without any dairy. that's it. that was the last step for me. that means this year i've gotten rid of meat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, processed foods, and lots and lots of baggage. God has literally blown me away this year. my leaning on Him has allowed Him to take me safely to places i would never had dare gone before. actually, i have tried before, and all i got was a big FAIL. but i can say that through this diagnosis, God has used every bit of it to get me spiritually, mentally, and physically in optimum health. i would have never had the nerve to step out so boldly the way i have with what i have been learning. i tried to go vegan a few years ago, but after letting what other people were saying about me affect me more than what i knew my head and heart were telling me, i fell right back into eating poorly and treating this body as if it had nothing to gain. well, now both my head and heart know that that is false, and i am thrilled to be calling myself a vegan. this has not been an over night process. it's taken me 10 months to get here. i let fear speak to me for so long. but now i'm done with that. i won't be discouraged. i will be strengthened. my grandmother's death was the last straw for me. and the first step. i am dedicated to living a life that honors this body that God has gifted me with. and in doing so, getting myself healthy will enable me to serve Him that much more. 
A little bit about being a vegan. do you know it can literally REVERSE cancer growth!!! Hello, that is HUGE!!!!!!! it can PREVENT cancer from coming back!!!!! it can brighten your skin, it can reverse signs of aging, it can give you a healthy glow, you will get thin, and remain thin (healthily). Um, i'll just say it- being VEGAN is SEXXXXAY!!!!!! and although all those things are wonderful, i mean like really really wonderful... in the process of putting down the knife you will be saving tons and tons of lives. like i tell graycen, "if we could own it as a pet and love it, then we are not eating it." 

for my health and recovery from the ordeal my own body has faced, i am choosing to eat and live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of what i eat is raw, and the other 20% can be cooked. this will get my body in an alkaline state which will benefit me greatly. 

i know there will be lots of explain' to do, as there has been along the way already. for one, jonathan is not so key yet on giving up dairy. meat, sure. dairy, not so sure. but i have given him confidence that he will never be going hungry and that i can't wait to be cooking his meals again, and packing his lunch for work. (oooo, those days are around the corner!) and i'm sure i'll have to have some practice telling people who want to feed my kids, that they are vegan. but whatevs. we know what we are doing is right. so, i leave you with this. have you seen the previews for this yet? watch, and learn.:)

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