Monday, May 23, 2011

The Montessori Way.

books are a great way to give small responsibility. 

pouring their own cereal, and dune vacuuming.

a place to display their art, and lars finger painting on the right.

small child sized seating to give them a grown up feel.

activity books for graycen.

balls are great for sensory, so they will always be left out. other toys will be cycled in and out.

lars and gray playing and listening to classical music.

graycen doing her laundry and washing her dishes.

this summer i am going to be using the Montessori Method to prepare graycen for kindergarten. i am also going to be using this method for dune and lars, and this coming fall i will be using it full time to teach them. 

Montessori Method is the right fit for us, and may be for you too. Montessori Method aims to - facilitate the development of the child's unique personality. 
- to help him become socially and emotionally well adjusted and grow up as a physically strong and happy child.
- to help make it possible for him to develop to his full intellectual capacity.
- to allow freedom within limits.
- to respect the individuality of the child
- to resist imposing your own will and personality on your child
- don't be over possessive or over protective to your child.
- don't make excessive demands on your child's affections- let him come to you when he needs affection.
- don't be too easygoing.
-allow your child to be active
- recognize the importance of motivation and how it affects learning.

A child wants to learn. 

- encourage independent learning.
-modeling, a lot of your child's learning is through watching and imitating adults and other children.
- help your child learn step by step.
- help your child develop concentration
- encourage a positive attitude to learning.
- help him develop memory skills.
- encourage language development.

the most obvious factor would be that as a parent you have to be around to do this for your child. remember, as the parent, you are the most important teacher in their lives. it is important to keep everything at a minimum. everything being clean and orderly is important to a child. especially at their tiny level. if everything is chaotic,  they will pick up on this and set a value based on that. toys are to be kept at a minimum. books are encouraged. every day objects are encourage. while you are making dinner, let your child play with the real pots and pans. not plastic, fake, tiny ones you can get at the toy store, is one example. graycen, dune, and lars, within reasonable expectations will be encouraged to wash their own dishes, help with laundry, put their clothes away, clean up their books, and so forth. in the morning, i help dune and lars pour their cereal, graycen does it on her own. eventually, dune and lars will do it on their own. 

their are so many things i get excited about when i think of all that i will get to watch them do, and become as they are all little individuals who are a big blessing in my life. i thank God for them and the opportunity i get everyday to be with them. i am glad i chose to  stay home with my babies, where everyday i get to be creative. i am a chef, a teacher, a photographer, a musician, an artist. i am mom~


also, i would like to give these clothes to you! if you have a need for them, or someone you know does, or if you just think they are pretty and want to wear them, please let me know. everything is a M/L, and fits a 10-12. the clothes are from, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Gap, H&M, Banana Republic, J.Crew, French Connection, Splendid, and American Apparel. some stuff was only worn once, and some not at all! please message me on FACEBOOK and let me know. i will ship it out to you this week:)

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