Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Precious Gray.

my darling girl. if only you could have seen me the day you were born. when i saw your face, the world fell silent. my life came to a standstill. i had never felt anything like that before. and then came the morning that we were alone for the very first time. my heart was pounding and i was quite nervous. i was suddenly in charge of this little life whom i knew nothing about. i just hoped and prayed that one day you would forgive me for all the times i was about to mess up. you were perfect. i wanted to keep you that way. then came the time that i washed one of your diapers in a load of your laundry. little tiny beads had gone everywhere. that ruined my day. and that day changed my life. i realized in that moment, that i was going to mess up. a lot. and that you were going to have to love a woman who made lots of mistakes when it came to parenting. fast forward five years later. when i look at your life and the way you see the world, the way you strike up conversations with people who deep inside of me make me afraid for you to talk to, and the way i can hear people giggling long after you've left the room, and how adults cry when you deeply affect and change their perspective on the way they see the world. my little girl, you make a big impact. there are no walls, no boundaries that you fit between. what God has planned for you, exceeds any limit i could ever put on you. you are an amazing seed, growing and growing. i feel lucky to know you, and blessed to call myself your mom. you are going be starting kindergarten at the end of this summer, and you just graduated from Preschool yesterday. i pray you will make friends who lift you up, encourage you to be yourself, who respond to the leader you are, and to always allow you to grow in the wisdom of the Lord. i love you dear girl. 

love, momma
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