Friday, May 13, 2011

Parenting Beyond...

hello all you wonderful active parents out there! looking forward to the weekend? saturday is always such a great morning for us. graycen usually wakes up and crawls into bed with me, and we lay there giggling as we listen to dune and lars laughing in their room. i usually cook a big breakfast and we lay around in p.j.'s till at least 10 in the morning. one day i dream of putting it off until noon;) i'm big on jammies. 

the boys and i went to the book store this morning and i picked up a new book called, "Parenting Beyond Your Capacity." i often think that what i manage to do in a day is beyond my capacity. i have learned that really terrible starts to my days, most of the time end in really excellent nights, and vice versa. i am well aware that this is God stepping into my life and doing just that, taking me beyond my capacity. doors open and we walk through them. God always meets me there. in doing so, my children watch God at work, rather than just listen to me tell them stories that they can't really grasp, or wonder how that applies to them. (mostly speaking for graycen. (dune and lars are still a bit young. none the less, they hold hands, close their eyes to pray, and even say Amen. yes, they are totally awesome.) i am an avid reader, so my kids are on this wild journey with me as my mind, and life expand at a rapid rate as we trust in the Lord to take us where we need to be. is it overly ambitious of me to think that i can raise kids to be globally aware, people loving, raw- organic eating, Jesus serving kids? to desire that one day we spend Christmas traditions giving away our gifts instead of holding on to them? i don't think it is. and that is why i choose to parent this way. it's no joke when God tells you that He will help you through anything. all we have to do is ask? yup. and He wants to do that for us. just think about all the great things we want for our kids. God is our Father. He wants that good stuff for us too:) i tell graycen every single day, every -single- day that God has a plan so laid out that He had to create her because no one else could do the job. i remind myself that that is also why i was created. 

this book is going to help me a great deal. when we move back to new york, jonathan and i are going to make our marriage a priority. i'm talking above all else. part of that will be small groups within our church, and wed. night services, and also dates. we are looking to hire a babysitter that our children will fall in love with and that will fall in love with our kids. i've already started praying that God direct me to the right person for our family. this is where parenting beyond my capacity will also come in to play. eventually you have to learn to trust. 

on the back of the book it says-

Engage your family in a bigger story that involves more than just your family-  one that involves other influences who are on a journey to discover why a relationship with God really matters. We want to encourage you to establish a lifestyle as a parent in which you...
- invite others to invest in your children so your sons and daughters have other voices that will help shape and determine the direction of their lives.
- create a culture of unconditional love to fuel the emotional and moral health of your children.
- tap into the power of quality moments together, building a sense of purpose through everyday experiences.

i want to encourage you too! take the weekend to pray about God taking you further. spend some great time with your kids. eat something healthy. let them SEE why loving Jesus matters. 

and here is a yummy delicious treat to make for the little ones...

*sherbet lemonade* (you will need a juicer for this... don't have one? go get one, it will change your life.) 
take two golden delicious apples and a lemon with the ends cut off and send through juicer. pour over ice. for my kids, i usually freeze this into popsicles. it's very sweet. but they LOVE it for a dessert.

have a beautiful weekend~
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