Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Instagrams.

hoping your weekend was relaxing. we spent saturday at the beach with my sister and her husband who is now an uncle to my kids. and might i just add how incredibly blessed they are to have them as an aunt and uncle? danielle has an enormous heart and each one of my kids has a special place in it. but what really blesses my socks off is that bryan has the same spots in his heart! and they are filled with graycen, dune, and lars:) it thrills me beyond, that they love my kids so much. i'm so happy for g, d, and l for those two amazing relationships they have now and that they always will have. Thank You God:) 

graycen woke up with a bit of a sniffle on sunday so we skipped church and decided that being lazy is the best way to ward off an oncoming cold. we sipped tea and watched movies and took every blanket we have in the house and made cozy places to lay on the floor. we did that for about 8 hours. ;) i'm happy that today she woke up and told me she felt awesome. she is awesome. i also made some hand made thank you cards from g's birthday party that i need to get out in the mail. i'm quite happy with the way they look. thinking about framing one and using it in dune and lars room. 

everyone, have a great week! 

oh, and graycen's pre-k graduation is tomorrow. i better bring the tissues!

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