Thursday, June 16, 2011


dune, you are an amazing gift to me. i always wonder, were you the surprise or was it your brother? i mean, if it had to only be one of you, which one of you was planned? i'm so happy that God saw me fit to be your mother. before you were in my belly, God knew and knows the plans for your life. i am honored to coach you through it, guide you, and be there as sound advice. you are turning two in a month. Two! i'm still in a bit of shock that i have a boy, let alone two, even more that i have two that are turning two! your life is a miracle and witness to the love and grace of God. there is no way i ever did anything to deserve you, but i try everyday to live up to the title that encourages me to be equip to raise you. you are the funniest baby i have ever met, seen, or heard of. i hold out hope that out of you and your brother and sister, that you will be the one that gets my sense of humor when everyone else is embarrassed by me. i dream of little winks and understandings between us that no one else gets. humor- our little language that God designed to bring us closer. i can't wait to see you develop your God given talents and gifts and use them to help and encourage others through their lives. i pray boldly over you, that you have a heart after God, that you always seek Him first, and that you always listen to that still, small voice inside of you that helps you know better. dune, your name is my favorite word. i just love saying it. dune. dune. dune. i love you.
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