Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting My Florida On.

soon we will be New Yorkers again. i am so excited, but still so sad. i don't want to leave my awesome family. but i can't wait to return to endless saturday mornings where i wake up in my husbands arms. and new york. oh new york. my heart has ached being away from you for so long. i can't wait to skip along your streets again soon!

we have a week left to get all the Florida we can in us. when my dad was here we went to the most florida- ish place we could get a hold of.... Gatorland! here are the hilarious pictures from our trip to the gator capital of the USA! see that picture of my feet and my dad's? he lent me his socks because my feet started to hurt. it was Father's Day Weekend, and isn't that what celebrating father's is all about!? heehee:)
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