Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Herbivore Birthday Party.

dune and lars turn two next month, but since we will be leaving my family and our friends, and we will probably be rolling into New York somewhere right around their birthday, i wanted to throw them an early birthday party... the party i didn't get to throw them last year. (if you remember, on their birthday i was getting Chemo.) boo. 

we had a great day celebrating their little lives and the amazing miracle they both are. dino love+ veg heads= herbivore birthday. :) 

their party:

i made the paper decorations hanging from the ceiling. 
the wooden dinos are from JoAnne Fabrics. 
purple plates from Party Store.
checkered fabric borrowed from my mom.
plastic dinos with plants from Etsy.
other dinos borrowed from dune and lars.
i made hummus, mixed berries, black beans and rice, and my sister made the guacamole.
for dune and lars cupcakes i made vegan vanilla agave with orange butter cream icing. 
heart sandwiches had hazelnut spread with ricemellow. 
dune and lars mustache t's are from Etsy, and the batman t's are from Old Navy. 
handmade sign that says "Happy Birthday Dune and Lars" made with love by me.
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