Thursday, June 9, 2011

Play Dough.

we made made play dough the other day, and the kids loved it. if you stick the coloring inside the dough you can tell your kids to make a wish and mush the dough and if the dough changes colors than the wish will come true. graycen loved that. but didn't believe me. haha... maybe it would have worked on her if she were three. or maybe even four. but now she is 5 and that's just too silly for her maturity! heehee:) but the boys really liked getting their hands in it. i don't ever buy play dough. i never have it in the house. i don't like the smell, i don't like how the colors always get mixed together, and i don't like all the little bits i have to pick up after words. so making our own is the best for all of us. graycen sculpted a whole island scene with her's. she made a little dino to live on her island and the boys went bananas over it!  they loved that little dino. so sad that i threw him out. haha... but luckily for them there are more dinos to come because making play dough is now totally my thing. i love it. it was therapeutic. honestly, sitting at the table, all of us doing nothing but mushing dough between our hands... and no tiny bits to clean up afterwards:)
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