Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday Tips, on Wed.

graycen spent last weekend with aunt dani and uncle bryan, so it was me and my boys. while gray was getting spoiled, we were having fun too! we went to the farmer's market and did some thrifting:)

stress. yuck. more on that in a bit.

when i hear people say to me, "i could neeeever go vegan" i read it all over them. they fear that vegan = perfecting. who would want to try anything where you had eat perfectly, allowing no grace? i wouldn't. i couldn't! i fail too often because i am too busy, too many things getting in the way, too human! Kathy Freston, author of "Veganist" describes a veganist to be two things. 1. someone who looks closely at all the implications of their food choices and chooses to lean into a plant- based diet; 2. Progress, not perfection. 
and i couldn't agree more. i follow these simple rules for my life. i choose to eat a plant based diet to achieve health for myself and give my kids a chance other than if they were on the standard American diet. i choose to buy organic, local, produce and limit the amount of processing as possible to send the message that i do not agree with how they target children and adults into buying into an idea that is false, mostly full of sugar, food coloring, cartoon characters, etc. i prepare vegan foods at home but if something is beyond my control than i choose not to stress about it. i prepare ahead of time and plan to the best of my ability, but if we happen to be somewhere where bagels are offered i wouldn't tell my children they couldn't have it. i believe that treats are good for the soul, as long as they are occasional and kind. -no killing involved-. 

stressing about changing your diet or an approach to change your life or the lives of our kids is dangerous. it would be just as detrimental to be eating greens all day and to be freaking out about every source of where it came from. or monitoring your children so closely that they begin to view food as dangerous, and not enjoyable. an alkaline body (lots of greens) will help keep you disease free, and an acidic environment (standard American diet) can wreak havoc on your body. an acidic environment can also come from a lack of exercise, anger, cigarettes, alcohol; not just food. emotional stress releases acid- forming hormones that can take over your system such as cortisol and adrenaline. so stress= toxins. no bueno.

so it's about a balance, not a sprint to the end. it's learning moment by moment, choice by choice, and in the end feeling relaxed and free by taking on something that makes you feel awesome. the best part about a plant based diet is how good you feel. so ditch the stress, and feel, look, and eat better. start today. 

watch this. 

                                                and see that with hard work, it pays off:)

"I will make you strong and will help you. I will support you with my right hand that saves you." - Isaiah 41:10 
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