Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Graycen's Heart.

i am praying for all of my little birds hearts as we get ready to move back to New York. but there are two reasons why i am praying extra protection for graycen, and that would be her aunt and uncle. my sister and my mom have been with my kids almost everyday since last May. they were up in NY with them in the middle of the night when i was going through chemo, changing every diaper, wiping every tear, throwing dune and lars' first birthday party, going to graycen's dance rehearsal. fast forward a year. their relationship with my family is greater than it has ever been. and now we are leaving. this is tough. and i praying for graycen's heart. she has a unique bond with my sister and her Uncle Bryan. in fact, everything i was thinking of writing about it doesn't compare to how obvious it is just by looking at her face. pay close attention to her expressions in these pictures and you will understand why this is not going to be an easy goodbye. i know that the God who gave graycen that perfect shade of blond hair, her contagious laugh, and ability to show other's Christ's power will not leave her feeling empty. i know He has plans to come fill her in other ways. i am holding onto that promise, as my heart breaks also.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

*sea world pictures are from when danielle and bryan took gray. 
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