Tuesday, July 19, 2011


everything is so green, and over grown, and bright right now. we are soaking it up. it's no secret that i love new york, but i think the little birds might love it more. we spend every waking minute outside, and at night we are all sleeping awesome because of it! 

dune and graycen have taken right back to this house. lars has not. he's been difficult and overly clingy to me. he does not like how big the house is and how he can not see me from room to room. if i run up the stairs for something he has to follow me, crying. if i get in the shower and pull the shower curtain across he is trying to open it, crying. if i am cooking in the kitchen and run to throw something outside in the compost pile, he is banging on the sliding glass doors, you got it, crying! but today we have had a major break through. i noticed how at peace he is today. he even went off to play by himself. and when we were all in the yard he actually separated himself from me to go play with dune and graycen. he is coming around, and i can see he will be himself in no time. 

over the weekend dune and lars turned 2! they are big boys now, but i think i will always see them more as my big babies. i love those two more than i could ever accurately write about. i also had a birthday. i turned 29! i am so happy to be a year older. i am so happy to just be getting older! when my life took a drastic turn and started being measured by statistics i learned that getting older is in fact something you should boast about proudly and not all this sillyness about not telling the truth about ones age. that's for the birds! so i am one year older and that makes me- ALIVE!
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