Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love This Town.

i love it here. i love our town. i love this little city. i took the kids to have a picnic over looking the Hudson River yesterday. we picked up some vegan eats and laid under a tree eating, talking, and laughing. the kids took turns playing hide and seek and rolling down the big hill. i sit as still as i can in these moments trying to retain as much as i can. i am so grateful for this life. for this experience of raising these little people, to know them, to love them, to be called their mom. i am thankful that i am back in New York with them, and that everyday daddy walks through the door , after work, covered in dust and dirt, and the kids run as fast as they can to greet him. i am so glad i am here to see that. i am thankful for my life. i am thankful for it here. 
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