Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Is A Fine Number.

three is an odd number. i still have to remind myself when i am shopping for something that four is not enough. i have to round up, times two. and still, that only sometimes covers it. i am not sure i would have ever tried for baby number three. but had that decision been left open for me, it would be impossible. so God knew i needed a third. i watch my life with three kids. i see how much they need each other. i see what Lars brings out in Gray, and i see what Dune brings out in Lars. and i see what Gray brings out in Dune. i see what they all bring out in me. i have really hard days balancing this life. i've been handed a lot at a young age. but i am proud to hold a title that earns me perspective daily. i am surviving a cancer diagnosis to support crying, adorable, stressful, peaceful children, and i am happy to be doing it. and that even in the hardest moments, (and there are so many it seems) God has trusted  me to be the best and most equip for these children. and even if i am not, He has trusted me enough to know i'll lean on Him to get me through it. 
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