Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Picture Overload.

this post is full of useless information about me, like how using fake moustaches are some of the funniest memories i've made with my kids, and how today we made plate heads and lined up in front of the chalkboard to take pictures of ourselves, and how lars wore pipe cleaner glasses up until the time of his nap, and how dune looked just like Harry Potter when he wore them, but i didn't get a picture of that because i was too busy laughing. and how much i love crayola crayons and how i would be half the mother i am without them. and my endless dream of one day home schooling my children in a room in our house entirely dedicated to fostering up some of the most imaginative creations the world has ever seen. oh,  that and hanging vintage globes all over the ceiling. and how i just finished decorating graycen's lunchboxes for school and how i love that she is still young enough that i can put "mommy + gray = love" on it and she says "awwwww", and the rain. ooooo, how i love the rain. blah blah blah. the end. 
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