Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Leaving Florida, part one.

i took a bunch of pictures of our last week in Florida. this is from one of those days. i took the kids out to this big field behind our old neighborhood and photographed graycen while talking to her about leaving. i love how so much of what was captured on her face was the sincerity of leaving what had become home to us, but the hope that we were returning to be a whole family again. today graycen's friends in Florida are starting kindergarten. if we were still there, today would probably be the most exciting day of her life. but i have hope that in a few short weeks she will be embarking on her own journey here, starting grade school, making friends, and deepening her walk with the Lord. to all of our florida friends who really became a part of our florida family, have a wonderful day of starting a new chapter in your lives. we miss you!
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