Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picnic Time!

over the summer, i picnic with my kids A LOT. but since everyone but me is 5 years old and under i plan these picnics, with the little ones in mind. here are some of my tips for going on a picnic with toddlers. 

no expectations. there are some days where they want to sit and eat the whole meal, other days where they just want to run. they'll eat if they are hungry.

so, i pack light. i pack lots of fruits and raisin boxes, and sparkling water, a bag of nuts, and a bag of carrots. these can be eaten on the go, and back in the car when they realize that they are actually hungry but are now headed home. 

Clean Well. i love this gentle, kid friendly formula for an anti bacterial soap. i let my kids do a bit of wandering and try, (if possible) not to impose my own will on them as they discover the world. this means, that often times they pick up some pretty hairy things. no fear, my clean well is near!

and a picnic blanket that looks great in pictures. i bought my favorite blanket a few years ago and it just keeps getting better looking with wear. it is the heart of the picnic.

have fun! i like to picnic in places and days where not a lot of people are around. this allows me to have the most amount of fun and really, allows my kids to relax. although i do enjoy people watching, i try to stick to the least amount of rules as possible when we are on picnics to ensure the most amount of fun for the little ones. this means an area free to run. 

and never, ever forget the camera. those tiny bodies rolling down a big hill is something i never want to forget. 
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