Monday, September 19, 2011

Ballet and Attitudes.

as Graycen's mother, it just thrills me to see the ways in which God has gifted her. from tiptoeing on her toes, to singing at the top of her lungs, to her quiet whispers, and how she's never met a stranger. the way she smiles at the world and the way it smiles back. her sensitive heart and her delicate feelings. i love this ballerina. but as of lately we've not been getting along as well as we always have. she is speaking up quite a bit these days and it's not always appropriate for her to be talking to her parents the way she does, (insert eye rolls, hands on hips, loud sighing.) i've even caught her in a lie or two. she is finding her way, this one. and i am here to guide her, correct her, and lift her up. she got in trouble last night for talking back to me, and after she went to bed i found a little post it note that read, "LOVE SO MUCH MOM." i am quite thrilled to be her mother. i am even more thrilled to be her stay at home mother. and i thank God for equipping me and thinking enough of me to bless me with all of this. even if we are both figuring it out as we go along. 

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