Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi! My name is Graycen:)

Ah, have i caught my breath yet at the fact that i have a daughter entering kindergarten? no way! i am freeeeeaking out! but this moment, taking her pictures, that moment, was a nice settled time and i asked her all about herself as a five year 
old little girl and this is what she told me~

Me- "what grade are you going to be starting?"
Gray- "kindergarten"

Me- "what is your favorite movie?"
Gray- "Strawberry Shortcake."

Me- "what is your favorite food?"
Gray- "Kale Chips."

Me- "what would you like to have me pack for your first day of school lunch?"
Gray- "cucumber with lettuce and honey mustard on the bread where you can see the seeds in it."

Me- "who is your favorite bible character?"
Gray- "Noah."

Me- "What is your favorite song?"
Gray- "the beginning song to Horseland." (her favorite cartoon.)

Me- "what would you like to tell me before you go to kindergarten and i'm feeling really sad?"
Gray- "that i love you and will kiss you and to wait for me cause i'll be home soon."

Me- "what are you most looking forward to now that you are going to start school?"
Gray- "Friends and Recess!"



and while we are studying at home and i'm teaching dune and lars, we have this set up:)

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