Monday, September 12, 2011

New York, You Dreamy City, You.

i took so many pictures of our anniversary weekend together, but here a just a few, most of them from my cell phone. while we were there we went on a vegan (her) / vegetarian (him) eating extravaganza... and we enjoyed every bite. we love new york and everything is has to offer. watching the lights turn on in the buildings at night is liking watching a Christmas tree light up. and the people watching at Curly's Vegetarian Restaurant, well you couldn't pay enough for that. from the cities inside the city, like Chinatown, or the east village, to the west village, and my favorite, the Upper West Side. something about reaching around 73rd street makes me breathe out slowly and feels like i am in a movie. to kissing in the grasses of Central Park, and subway hopping like we were flirting with the underground. and thrifting at the Brooklyn Flea. it's so exciting New York, and we love it dearly. and we love each other so, and it really pays to be intentional about your marriage. God blessed us with this partnership and we are without a doubt trying our best to make it a marriage our children will be proud of, and our Creator, and most certainly each other. 
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