Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wedding Dress.

i am about to celebrate 6 years of marriage this Sunday. there is nothing on this earth that i take more seriously than my relationship with Christ, but my vows with Jonathan come in a very close second. for without the first who's to say if we'd ever had made it this far. we are taking the weekend to get to know each other a little better. reflect on one another, and pray about where we want to see our marriage go. we've been handed some pretty tough things between the two of us. it's no surprise to me that Christ calls the church His bride and makes several references in the bible to comparing a relationship with a believer to a marriage. for both relationships can get unbelievably tainted and hard.  when i look back on my own marriage i see two people who at times have fallen short, who have with best intentions failed miserably, who've put themselves first, two people that have dangled by the same thread, but a thread none the less. i see my best friend, i see him good, bad, i see him healthy and sick, i see him on fire for God and i've also seen him burn out. but i've seen it. with my eyes. i've seen it. jonathan has watched me make a home for us, witnessed three babies coming out of my body. he's seen me fight off cancer. he has seen me. we know each other. but at times we treat each other like the church sometimes treats God. we know about Him, but we sell ourselves out for whatever feels right in the moment. we turn our backs on a God who bled for us, who took it all upon Himself to have the chance to fall so madly in love with Him. when i reflect on my marriage i feel so intimately weaved with the God who designed marriage. and on and earth and in heaven, i want to be able to stand before Him and be told i've made a good wife. 

please, listen to this song with your soul. let it penetrate you and may you take a quiet moment to let it stir you up. 

Ephesians 5:25-27
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