Thursday, October 20, 2011

As For Me And My House.

this is a great house. this house is going to be incredible on Christmas morning. the trees are going to bloom wildly in the spring. it's covered in gold in the fall. and in the summer we will fish on the lake that the yard leads down to. there is a dock with Adirondack chairs facing the water, a yard that can easily host parties and possibly one day a wedding. it has the perfect stair case to take prom pictures on, and the basement has a separate room with a sink that is screaming, 'Darkroom'. it's our dream house. the glass knobs, the exposed radiators, the wood burning fireplace, original woodwork throughout, and the black and white tile in the bathroom all made me fall in love with this house. it's set in a quiet neighborhood with kids running independently, and the yard has perfectly mature trees for tire swings. it's been quite a journey. along the way, God has closed so many other doors leading us through the front door of this house. and today we sign and it becomes ours. i want to grow old with jonathan in this house, rocking in rocking chairs, reading books near the front windows looking out the glass paines talking about the feet that have walked on our floors of this home. i want to bathe grand babies one day in the vintage sinks, and i want to catch the boys star gazing on the roof, and watch graycen ice skate on the lake. i want this house to be another member of this family. and today we take the first step. 

And as for me and my house, we will the serve the Lord. 
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