Monday, October 10, 2011

LaLaLoopsie's and Other Halloween Costumes.

i've been thinking a lot about this costume recently. a magazine came in the mail for Halloween costumes and it has since sent me into a discovery about myself. i've been praying and searching, reading, and thinking a lot about the costumes i saw in this magazine targeted for little girls. and you know what, it's all sort of breaking my heart. and quite scary. i am relieved that graycen picked this doll costume out as opposed to a trashy police officer, or a sleazy witch. the past halloweens i didn't give costumes much of a thought. i let graycen pick them out, bought her size and took it home. this year is different. graycen is getting older and more and more aware and more and more targeted. no where in her mind do i want her to think that the choices in these magazines are something she must settle on as an appropriate choice for herself. she knows she is better than that. so this year i am offering her a few selections that we have come to together and over the next couple of weeks we will focus on making it and being proud of who she is trying to pretend to be. 

#1. First choice is Matilda- from the Roald Dahl book. this costume would be a brown wig, cut short, a white collared shirt, a skirt, tights, mary janes, a back pack and a stack of books. this is graycen's first pick. it's mine too:)

#2. Eloise- from the character Eloise At The Plaza. she would wear a white shirt with a black skirt and suspenders, we would tease her hair messy and make her face look a little dirty. she could also carry one of her little stuffed dogs.

#3. Kit- she would dress like her American Girl Doll and we would dress Kit as Graycen. Graycen gets a kick out of this idea. i have a feeling in the end it might be this. 

or #4. her pick of any historical character that has made an impact on her. her favorite is Helen Keller but she changes her mind every time she learns about someone new:) 

in the end i know she will make the right choice, because it is not some cheap inappropriate reproduction of an inaccurate description of a fantasised character that we are teaching our little girls that they must imitate to fit in. not in this house. not now. not ever. 
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