Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy Busy.

       Hello from New York! It's November, and i really love November. i love when fall looks like it's bleeding into winter and the trees show off their branches and light just seeps through. what takes some getting use to are the early nights, getting dark at 5 o'clock can really mess me up. but being a morning person, i do love drinking my coffee with a bright pink sky.

     we've been so busy. the painters are at our new house and have been working around the clock so that the floor guy can get in their next week and hopefully we can spend thanksgiving in our new house! wouldn't that be fantastic?

   we had a bad snow storm over halloween and my mom flew in from sunny Florida secretly to surprise me. her first night here, Halloween, we had to check into a hotel because we lost power. we didn't go trick or treating this year but we did go over to our church who was putting on a little something for the kids, and they had power! so i got to dress them up and we came back and picked up pizza's and ate dinner in our hotel beds and got a good night's sleep. i had such a good time with my mom. my soul needed it more than anything. then my sister came for the weekend and we had so much fun. i think my sides still hurt from laughing so much. i will see everyone again when they come back for Christmas, but until then, it's pretty painful to go so long with out them around:(

i can't wait to post pictures of our house being renovated. it's coming along, and i'm just jumping up and down with excitement. today it's so beautiful here, warm and sunny. dune, lars , and i went for a really long walk and then came home and had an applesauce lunch date. do you know that applesauce is one of my favorite things to eat? with lots and lots of cinnamon of course:)
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