Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crafty Holiday.

we won't be in our new old house by Thanksgiving, but hopefully we will be shortly after. it still won't keep me from decorating the house we are in now while we are still here. since i can't make many investments , for the fact that most of our funds are going towards the house, i've decided to work on some projects at home this week, stuff i can do with graycen, dune, and lars and most of the stuff we already have on hand. yesterday we made a felt leaf garland for our fireplace mantel, and today we worked on wax leaves made from crayon scraps and wax paper. in between i have even found time to make a terrarium with dune and lars for some of their dinos. i am finally going to give their best dinos a proper home in the new house, so i am finding time to work on them now. that will give me one less thing to do as the next few weeks we will be finishing up the renovations on the house, getting ready for Christmas, and moving in to hopefully run down the creaky old stairs on Christmas morning. 
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