Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks and Giving.

with Thanksgiving behind us already, our minds are on Christmas. this year my family and i have decided among ourselves that we would all like to consume less and give away more. over the next month i am going to be linking to web sites that can help you to get involved in areas of giving that speak to your own hearts. today's is Giving Anonymously. go take a visit to their web site! this is an absolute brilliant idea, and we probably all know someone who could benefit from this. I am so excited to make this Christmas matter in bigger ways than ever before. i am thrilled that this year Graycen has an understanding that penetrates her soul as i watch her eagerly want to get involved. i am reminded that this is all about Jesus' birth and His message of giving it all away. my family, in our own small way, want to give away more, and more, and more. and we hope you will too:)

We measure growth by our height; God measures it by our depth. We measure what we have; God measures what we've given.
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