Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early Christmas Gifts.

 dune and lars found some of their christmas presents this morning. i obviously failed to understand the double super powers they hold as twins and did not hide them well enough. but they were enjoying the little vintage golden books i picked up for them a couple weeks ago, that instead of stopping them, i decided to photograph them. i hope this is just a taste of what Christmas morning will be like this year. they were so excited that i got them "Eggbert" books, but really they were Humpty Dumpty. heehee


today i was hoping that you would click on the link provided and read a bit about Compassion International. you can learn there how to sponsor a child or even buy cows or sheep for families in need. this year we are getting involved and we are buying sheep for a family that could so greatly benefit from that. all it takes for us to do that is to forgo a meal or two out at a restaurant to help these families that are struggling. won't you prayerfully consider doing the same, or more? i am praying God keeps our hearts, ears, and eyes open to what really matters this Christmas. Give joyfully! click HERE to find out more.
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