Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eggbert And Other Things That Make Me Feel Like A Kid.

we took the kids, (we took ourselves) to see Eggbert the other day. oh, and it did not disappoint. Eggbert was a big deal for jonathan and i when we were kids. our parents took us every year, and every year we would try to figure out how he knew our names (we wore name tags), and every year we would collect an ornament to add to our Eggbert ornament collection. i think i read on the web site that they stopped bringing Eggbert out for Christmas time in the 90's. but it was something we both brought up every year. Eggbert the talking Egg! my sister and i have such good memories of Eggbert that there hasn't been a Christmas that's passed where we haven't talked about that little egg. so naturally when we found out that this year they would start it again, we got so excited! we found out fast that we were excited, and so was everyone else! there were long lines, and we went first thing in the morning. i heard that later on in the day it gets really long, like 2 hours long. we were in and out in about 30 minutes. my kids loved it. dune is still saying, "eggberrrrt" in his sweet little voice. my kids also like any place where there are farm animals and we got to pet a few. Graycen told me later on though, "mom i was kind of scared of that Egg." hahahaha, exactly! Jonathan and i think that the average age between us was 10 when we figured out how Eggbert knew our names. it took Graycen by the time they were finishing writing her name on her name tag to look at me and say, "mom, that's how he knows our names. they are written on our name tags." oh, right. we already know she is smarter than we were, and are . 

later we came home and my mother in law came over and we made Christmas cookies. Jonathan finished up the lights outside our house and when it got dark i brought Graycen over to see it. i stood in the driveway with her and i felt nostalgic and warm, alive and right.

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