Friday, December 9, 2011

Goodbye Driveway.

goodbye driveway. you were the host and star to over 1,000 make believe stories. you captured our hearts with all of your stones, and made us curse under our breathe when we'd have to shovel you out from under the snow. we drove down you with two new baby boys in tow bringing them home for the first time. you served as a place for pacing when i was diagnosed with cancer. we ran you over and over giggling louder and louder over the past 5 years, and we are ready to drive off of you for good. tomorrow we drive up a new driveway. a much shorter driveway. we are ready. i am excited. i want to move on. i am looking forward to our new address and all the beautiful things it holds in its ground, like for one, i'll have a cedar closet. that's right, a cedar closet. i am ready to drink tea beneath a new maple tree, and i am ready to fasten a tire to the big oak in the front and listen to my children play through open windows come spring. i am ready for a change in chapters, or perhaps the start of a whole new book. so, we move on.
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