Friday, December 16, 2011

This Is Home.

we're home. waking up in this house feels more than right. it feels like everything that has ever occurred in jonathan and my life has led up to the front door of this house. here we will see life grow. we will be witness to the seasons changing in our lives and the walls that contain them. the path and goals will be accompanied by the squeak of the floor boards. here we will do our living as our house continues to age. reality of the maturity of this home came the first night we were here. a cold draft came creeping in through every window. the oven is broken, and the bathroom upstairs is barely usable. i guess i have a soft spot in my heart for things that are longing to be rebuilt. i guess i see it as a bit like me in that sense. the holding on for what's to come, the yearning for the remodeling. the joy that comes in the morning... 
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