Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Thrill Of Hope, The Weary Soul Rejoices.

December sure knows how to romance me. we woke up this December 1st and found the fallen leaves covered in sparkly frost. to my hearts content we celebrated. today makes day one of advent with the kids and i couldn't be more excited. jonathan and i started two nights ago  together and we read this. already our souls are burning with anticipation. tonight with the children we are going to begin the Truth in the Tinsel. graycen especially is ready to meditate on the promise that one day her King will return for the world He loves. 

today i took dune and lars down Broadway to go wreathe siting. there we saw the mostly untouched vintage allure of downtown Newburgh, the wreathes hanging over Broadway Tailor, the garland strung around the chocolate shop. we then headed up Grand Street and pointed out all the wreathes on those beautiful big doors, while listening to Christmas music.   i sipped a gingerbread latte, and my boys bounced up and down singing Jingle Bells as loud as they could. the best gift i could receive is the one i already have, again and again. and with God's latest blessing in my life, the one where i faced my mortality and He gave me a chance to keep going, i see things in all their beauty. i see things in His beauty. 

"I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection of art and faith and, in fact, have always thought of all art as a spiritual experience.
Art seeks to tell the truth in dark places (movie houses, theatres, sanctuaries, museums) and it seems to me that’s what faith in God seeks to do as well – tell the truth in dark places.
We cannot hope to do this well unless we commit to a process of inner work and guidance from a higher power.
I have found that when I’m brave enough to venture into these arenas (into these intersections); when I’m able to offer my full self; when my inner self has been explored,
I tell the most truth and I create the best work."  Blaine Hogan

"The wound is the place where Light enters you." Rumi

Please enjoy a song from one of my favorites from his Christmas album. play this loud is all i can say. prepare to get chills. 

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