Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Food Recap.

steel cut oats, organic berries, cinnamon, and pure maple syrup. tea.

chai tea with almond milk. whole grain bread with organic peanut butter, raw honey, and organic bananas.

plums with agave and cinnamon.

pear with honey and nutmeg.

pukka cleanse tea. one of my favs. 

roasted veggies. anything we had in the fridge.

sweet potato and cinnamon.

whole grain bread, fieldroast, organic baby spinach, maple champagne mustard. roasted tomatoes and steamed broccoli.

toast with avocado, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, sea salt.

fruit salad. 

marinated kale, onion, tomato, and pink peppercorn.

steel cut oats, banana, cranberries, cinnamon, and pure maple syrup.

steel cut oats, organic frozen mixed berries.

bread alone health bread toasted, earth balance,  local honey. 

lentil tacos in organic romaine leaves, daiya cheese, black beans, salsa, cabbage,  toffuti sour cream. 

roasted fennel and artichoke. 

maple roasted Brussels sprouts, orange slices, and red zinger tea. 

i love food. it's one of my favorite things. and eating is one of my favorite things to do. i love taking pictures and ever since i went to a plant based vegan diet i started noticing how pretty food is! the more untouched it remains, the better in photographs. so when i started taking pictures of food, i wondered, what exactly am i doing this for? but i realized, i love it! it is a little different than taking pictures of my kids running around or trying to get them to sit for a picture. i don't know the last time they did that! so, at least food cooperates. not only that, but food is very important to me. i view it like my medicine. the right food has the potential to save my life, and most certainly change my life. i cook a lot. we eat out too, but if i can make something at home, i would prefer it. my kids are great eaters. not everything goes over well, not even with Jonathan! Ha! but i keep trying none the less. 

so i am thinking of every friday, dedicating it to food. i'll post all the pictures i take of the stuff we eat all week. maybe you will try things too, or maybe it will change your mind that vegans don't have as much fun as carnivores. you will quickly see that we get more than a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients just by what we eat. so take a look... and get hungry!

(also, you will see steel cut oats, A LOT. we eat oatmeal almost everyday.) 
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