Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello Jesus.

As i have come to understand death exchanged for life, paid for by Christ, will go something like this, from, dear God.... to.... Hello God. This morning my friend Toni met God as a reward for being faithful and dedicated to Him here on earth. Today she met Jesus. this morning i just kept whispering those words, hello Jesus.... i have let myself rest in those two soft, comforting, transforming words, "hello Jesus." this morning, perhaps that moment of released breath here, to an inhaled scent of Christ up there, is when she said it. Hello Jesus.

there is great promise that comes from the single act of resurrection of our Savior. for those who believe, they themselves are promised their own resurrection. and what could be more hopeful than that. but even Jesus took time to be alone, and weep. and we must allow ourselves that too. i am letting this soak in and marinate my heart, and in just another way Toni is impacting me and leading me closer to my sweet God.

this morning i took dune and lars to the river. my life in contrast to the mountains, the sun, the sky, the birds, the trees... what does it all mean? why is it all there? I pondered, i searched, i cried. i walked away with the answer... it's there. for me. it's there in the details that God says to me, "I am for you." it's there that i can keep fighting. it is there that Jesus romances me and wins my heart more and more each day. 

i ask that you pray for Toni's family, as they lost a truly remarkable part of their lives today. that they have peace that she is no longer fighting to live, but now fully alive.

with eyes closed, listen with your soul. and it's likely it will open up singing. 
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