Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Your Day.

happy birthday beloved. it's your day. i am so looking forward to slipping away with you tonight to go to a fancy dinner,  to eat uninterrupted and to talk about all we're learning in this life. our conversations are so good, aren't they my love? i cherish you. every breathe and beat of your heart belongs to me. it's been hard work to get here, but darling,  it's so worth it. and i know you would say the same. i am blessed beyond any measure that i get to know you better than anyone else in this world will know you. God sees me fit for this. it makes me blush. i know you as my friend, and lover, helper, and leader. i know you and stand as your wife. and today it's your birthday darling, and i love you. and i like you. i feel a pull closer to you daily, a strength between us that is growing as we mature, and a romance and dance with our One and Only Jesus that will keep us as a union till the end. 

it was a pleasure to celebrate your life with the littles last night, and to be up early this morning with them as they sang in unison "happy birthday to you..." over the phone. we are doing this my love. we are. and i am pleased to a part of it. to watch the love of my life age, grow, and mature into the man that God knows he will become. and I, my darling, get to call myself your wife. 

let's keep aging together. let's keep letting life weather us, shape us, transform us, and teach us. and then at the end of the day lets tell each other about it. 

i love you. Happy Birthday, from your beloved. 
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