Friday, January 6, 2012

Scenes From Christmas And A Happy New Year.

It's a new year. i like that. Christmas was wonderful and dreamy, just the way i imagined it would be. we had our family around us so that made it perfect. it wasn't a white Christmas but we played outside in the leaves and that was a pretty good trade off. we ate a lot, opened lots of presents and ended the night with a bonfire. i watched the love of my life's face light up at the reaction of our children opening their presents. wow, am i blessed. ;)

a new year is here. last year i made so many major changes. i swapped hot dogs with veggie burgers, junk food with dried fruit, diet soda for more water, cow milk with home made nut "milk", starch for kale, booze for herbal tea, and let go of a load of guilt. i got lighter in many ways, and began to soar in areas i never trusted would get off the ground. God has done big things in the past with my wavering and  shaky faith. so this year, i resolve to keeping myself healthy as best i can, to growing my faith from that tiny mustard seed, to doing the work and sowing the reward, to telling people the good news that began in the form of a baby, to keeping Christmas in my heart all year long, for simplifying my life, and expanding our memories, to saying "yes" to my kids more, and "no" to things that are unimportant, to showing Jonathan in tangible ways how big my love is for him. And to growing and expanding this home, our roots in this ground, to bring God all the glory. 
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