Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Do I Do With What God's Given Me?

For Dune and Lars.

what do i do with what God's given me? you were no mistake you two, no mistake at all. your lives are a well thought out plan that fits somewhere between creation and Jesus's return. you have meaning and purpose and will grow from boys to stand tall as men. What do i do with what God's given me? should i pass the days complaining of the work it takes to pick up after  two rambunctious toddlers? should i worry that one day you won't listen to your mother's advice? should i think up good reasons to offer to people that question as to why i parent you both based on the principle of grace? or should i begin each day with my face pointed toward the sky, tears falling on either side of my cheeks, as i marvel at the fact that God has given you both to me. there are two hands, two ears, two eyes, two breasts, two shoulders that were and are there for both of you. i'm multi layered and double sided for you two. i am slow to anger and quick to respond, i am. i am in love with you both and there is enough for 12 lifetimes. you two are special and unique. i want you to know that i prayerfully seek leadership over your lives and as to how this fits into God's plan for you. i've been given a big job, i have. i've been given the job of taking you precious boys and leading you into well groomed, God fearing men, who will one day lead your families, raise your babies, point lost hearts toward the love of Jesus, and eventually come back home to thank your Mama. you boys are a miracle that i can not begin to wrap my head around, so when i am at a loss, i'll just wrap my arms. 
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