Friday, February 3, 2012

Dune Feels Better.

Oh my little Dune has taken a turn for the better. i am so happy. for the better part of the week i was wiping up throw up and wiping down a baby every 20 minutes for almost 2 days. yikes. i am so thrilled that my Dune is now eating everything is sight again! (and keeping it down, i might add.) these are tough days. these are the days that push your limits, that exhaust you, that make you irritable and jumpy, and glass half empty. these are the days that no one talks about at your baby shower. these are the days that make me a better mom. 
see, we are gifted us moms, and dads too, with this ability to push ourselves aside and run off of instinct alone, whatever it takes to get the job done. so that my son, is what your mama did. after feeding you some ginger candies and oyster crackers, i bundled you up and took you for a walk in the glorious 60 degree weather we had this week. the sun was shining on us as i took my steps, pushing you along, praying healing over your body. after a walk around the block i was not ready to take you back inside, so i asked you if you'd like for me to hold you down by the water. you mumbled yes, so that's what we did. i held your weak little body in my arms, and we sat under the big tree and i kept praying. and then i started singing, and i sang "peace like a river" about 100 times. i sang you to sleep, and then i carried you back inside as the air changed cooler. but we stayed warm, back in the big rocker chair, by the fireplace, as i continued to hold you and my left arm was falling asleep. i dare not move you. i swore in that moment, i wouldn't put you down if i could never feel my fingers again. so that's what we did. we became closer. by you being sick, time stood still as i was trying to  help you feel better. so days like this, days where any of my babies are sick, makes me a better mom. and i thank God for that thing He places deep in our souls, that thing that when called upon just knows what to do. and my boy, today you feel better. 
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