Monday, March 26, 2012

The High Line.

If you make your way to New York, you must try to go to the High Line. It is such a great experience to see the city from this perspective. The High Line runs on the west side of lower Manhattan, so there is even a spot to see Lady Liberty. We got off at the end and walked to Pastis for a cup of coffee and then over to Chelsea Market for some green juice at One Lucky Duck, my favorite juice bar in Manhattan. Then we walked the High Line back to the start, hopped a cab over to the LWS and went to John's of 12th for the best vegan Italian food in the city. Then we strolled down St. Marks Street under the blossomed trees, reminiscing when we were crazy enough to have looked at a fifth floor walk up apt. on 2nd Ave when Graycen was a wee tiny babe, and our real estate agent showed us this unique space ( known as 450 sq. ft.) and told us that this little ledge (known as a loft) above the one burner stove (known as a kitchen) would make a great nursery (known as where our baby would sleep) for a steal of a price, (known as $3,000 a month). We stood together, him holding my hand, looking up at that apt. window and fire escape, the one i entertained the idea of sitting out on and maybe even potting a plant to put out there when our then baby girl was old enough to get her hands dirty and help mama, and we said in unison, "Um no" 
( i would also like to tell you that this was the one and only time we looked into something like this, but it was not. in fact we've looked at probably 2 dozen apt. like that over the previous 3 years before Dune and Lars were in the picture. imagine coming home to 400 sq. ft. with the news of ' honey, we're having twins!') ... and then made our way over to Lula's for some vegan soft serve. 

Ahhh, New York can make you fall in love all over again. And so can driving back to your house in the burbs, talking about every twist and turn along the way that landed us here.  And so we did. ;) 
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