Wednesday, March 14, 2012


it's good, all these dirty hands, and grass stained jeans, the clothes hanging on the line to dry, gearing ourselves up for good fruit to be in season. fairy gardens, and fizzy drinks. cleaning flower boxes, and turning soil. raking till my hands cramp, cooking dinner with the cool breeze coming in through the window. piles of clothes pins, and kid art inspired by the coming green. my heart is quiet and still among the madness of highly wired two year old boys finding their way through the dirt and tempers. my five year old's attitude, that if she could just find the words, she'd say that she's about to turn 6, and she is changing. my tired husband walking through the door after really long days of hard, hard work. I do what i know, i make dinner and offer them Jesus. I am quiet and still, and searching and learning, growing deeper, going further, not forgetting this season of Lent and the price that was paid so that i could define true love. the warmth brings up all sorts of new things. the trees are budding, and so is this family. and here is hoping for blossoms.  
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